At Grab Your Assets, I can help fulfill your videography and photography needs in St George Utah. 

Online video content is extremely valuable these days. Imagine having to do things the old fashioned way and knock doors or pound the streets looking for prospects.

Instead, why not get a videography professional near you who can help you pitch once in front of the camera and then spend your time doing other business essential tasks?

Or, maybe you aren’t a business, but you want videography for another reason, like a concert performance, or family reunion, whatever the reason, Grab Your Assets can help.

Besides, no-one likes to read if they can just watch a video.

So, if you need videography in St George Utah, give us a call to Grab Your Assets!


This is the most recent short film I worked on as the director of photography. When a nuclear bomb is threatening the town, Mary has just 45 minutes to choose which parent she will spend the last few minutes of her life with. This is the most fun project I’ve ever worked on as a videographer, where my main focus was just the cinematography, and making the image look the best with my camera.

Check out more projects from my portfolio on the Grab Your Assets YouTube Channel!

Photography in st george, UTAH

A girl sits on a bench in a park while wearing her graduation gown.
A cut couple stare into each others eyes for a photo shoot at a garden in st george utah
A family stands for a photo in st george utah in a garden

Meet adam


My name is Adam Garceau, and I’m a videographer and marketer in Southern Utah.

I live here in sunny St. George with my wife, Brooke, and our baby girl, Brielle. I love using my camera to take photos of them every chance I get!

To learn more about me and my film production/videography process, check out the about page!

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