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At Grab Your Assets, I can help fulfill your videography and photography needs in St George Utah. 

Digital film assets are extremely valuable these days. Imagine having to do things the old fashioned way and knock doors or pound the streets looking for prospects.

Instead, why not get a videography professional near you who can help you pitch once in front of the camera and then spend your time doing other business essential tasks?

Besides, no-one likes to read if they can just watch.

So, if you need videography in St George Utah, give us a call to Grab Your Assets!

Outdoor setup for videography in St George Utah

Videography In St George

Make A Wish Foundation event video. My most recent videography project! This golf event was sponsored by Easy Storage Solutions and I was invited to volunteer.

Summer pest control ad meant to drive leads. Because who wants to live with the bugs? The link sends people to this landing page I created to generate sales.

Real estate agent profile for real estate agent to attract clients. A fun video project I got to do for a local home buying and selling agent.

Artistic short film about spousal abuse. A project I directed and acted in at DSU Films.

Photography in st george

Family photo in st george utah at all abilities park
Couple photo in St George Utah
couples photo in st george utah

Meet adam


My name is Adam Garceau, and I’m a videographer and marketer.

I live here in sunny St. George with my wife, Brooke, and our baby girl, Brielle. I love using my camera to take photos of them every chance I get!

To learn more about me and my film production/videography process, check out the about page!

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