Meet Adam, Videographer in St George, Utah

Photo of Adam Garceau a videographer in st george, Utah holding a film camera


My name is Adam Garceau, and I’m a videographer in St George, Utah.

I live here in sunny St. George with my wife, Brooke, and our baby girl, Brielle. I love using my camera to take photos of them every chance I get!

I’ve been working with video for a little over a year. I’ve been marketing and creating videography and photography content for the past 5 years. Making great ads is my passion and goal in life! 

While many of my friends attended film school to one day make their way onto the set of a Hollywood film, it’s my goal to make quality video ads that convert viewers into customers. However, I do love creative work as you will see in my reel.

As a creative, I want my work to be artistic, yet functional.


First, I put on my marketer hat. I interview you (the client) and get a full picture of your business and the problems you want to solve. Then I do market research to find out the best way to help.

Second, I put on my director hat. I do research about the customer you want to serve. I take what I learn, and write a script and shot list to plan out the video.

Third, I go into full production mode. I bring all my own gear including a camera, lighting, and sound equipment. When the shooting is done, I edit the final product and send you something to show for all the work we’ve done together. After you’ve reviewed it and sent me your feedback, I make one revision and we’re done!

No, I don’t just do videography. I enjoy photography as well! If you want to know what I do, just give me a call or text. I’m happy to help!

If I am not available or I am unable to perform the task you need to be completed, I’m not the only videographer in St George. I know a lot of other videographers too!

Please let me know if you have any questions using the form at the bottom of the page, and I’ll get you squared away!



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